Pivot Trailer


Stronger, Last Longer, More control

  • 3 speed winch: load up to 1000kg
  • 1500kg rated axle and springs
  • Load 1x 3800HD, 1x 1800HD or 2x NGF800
  • Nylon strips for easy loading
  • 5 year warranty*


* POA Pricing for assembled is due to product size requiring delivery address to determine transport costs


Weight: 260kg
Assembled dimensions 3660x1650x700 (LxWxH)
Flat-pack dimensions:
2440x1200x400 (LxWxH)
Axel rating: 1500kg
Spring Rating: 1500kg
Tyre rating: 1850kg
Tyre size: 195/55R13C
Coupling rating: 2000kg
Notes: The pivot trailer accommodates 1x 3800HD, 1800HD, NGF3800, NGF1800 or 2x NGF800.
  • 3 speed 1000kg winch
  • Snatch block for doubling the winching weight
  • Secure housing bracket for winch handle
  • Pivot up jockey wheel bracket
  • Cast iron wheel on jockey wheel
  • Bracket supplied for pulling up the feeder
  • Nylon strips to reduce friction
  • Pulley to pivot the base into the transport position
  • 8x locking rods with attached R clips
  • Locking rod to hold the base in transport potions
  • Loads 1x 3800HD, 1800HD, NGF3800 or NGF1800
  • Loads 2x NGF800
  • 2x safety chains supplied
  • Mudguards over wheels
  • 2x new tyres
  • 5 year extended warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Purchase flat-packed or assembled